The Millowner's Building ( Designed by Le Corbusier) is a much sought after Modern Building for visit for Architects, Architectural Historians, Art Lovers, Designers, Student of Architecture/Design and other visitors to Ahmedabad, India.

The Millowner's Building is a private property and is managed by only a few people.Each visit/visitor therefore poses a great challenge to the team of people working at the Millowner's Buiding

We have set up our own protocols and ew request our visitors to follow these protocols impecably.

Each visitor is requested to write a mail (at least 15 days) to

Writing a mail will be responded based on the category of the visitors and in view of our own protocols the response shall be given.

No visitor should be allowed to enter the precinats of the Millowner's Building without a prior permission.

The communication indicating the prior permission shall be presented at the gate.This will be a pre condition to the entry.

The set of the protocols to be followed by categories of visitors are as follows.

We request the co-operation of the visitors.

Millowner's Building Visit Hours:

Monday to Friday :

  • First Entry : 10:30 AM - Last Entry : 03:00 PM
  • Exit : 04:30 PM

  • Saturday

  • First Entry : 10:30 AM - Last Entry : 11:30 AM
  • Exit : 12:30 PM


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